Army developing improved ways to manage NCO talents


FORT KNOX, Ky. — U.S. Army Human Resources Command is continuing to innovate talent management by developing a new initiative designed for active component enlisted personnel that will improve Army readiness and empower Soldiers to make informed career decisions in accordance with their professional development model and Army manning guidance.

Modeled after the Army’s Assignment Interactive Module for officers, Assignment Satisfaction Key – Enlisted Marketplace (ASK-EM) will support enhanced interaction between Soldiers and talent managers while allowing Soldiers more input into where they would like to be assigned based on their knowledge, skills, behaviors, and preferences.

“Soldier preference is important because we believe a Soldier performs at a higher level when they’re in an assignment that interests them,” said Col. Michael McGregor, Director, Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate. “Soldiers have some input into their assignments now, but that will increase significantly as we field ASK-EM.”

Through ASK-EM, noncommissioned officers – staff sergeants through first sergeants – will be able to access a virtual marketplace where they can prioritize their preferences for valid and available worldwide assignments within their movement cycle.

Talent management tools, like the Personnel Assessment and Availability Tool and an updated Manner of Performance, will help talent managers identify the strengths, talents, experiences and qualifications of the more than 300,000 active duty Soldiers managed by the command.

“These initiatives optimize the Army’s ability to get the right Soldier with the right talents to the right assignment at the right time. It will also allow commanders to maximize the talent provided them,” McGregor said. “Heightened awareness about Soldier talent along with knowing when he or she is available to move, will help us make informed decisions when assigning the most qualified Soldiers to meet Army requirements.”

Talent Management enhances Army readiness by maximizing the talents of every person.

ASK-EM, scheduled to be fully operational by 2021, supports a data-rich, information age approach to how the Army acquires, develops, employs, and retains the right talent.

To learn more, check out the Enlisted Talent Management Warriors Corner at the upcoming Association of the United States Army annual meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 15, at 2:30 p.m.