Acquiring Talent

Lead Integrator: TRADOC / USMA (Military), ARMY G-1 (Civilian)

Identify and recruit the diverse military and civilian talents needed to organize, train, and equip a force ready for prompt and sustained ground combat. Creating a robust pipeline of new talent into the Total Army is our main effort through 2028 because it will ensure that we have the breadth and depth of talent needed for the MDO-capable force of 2035 envisioned by the Army Strategy. The Army must place a greater emphasis on acquiring the right people through better screening and assessments allowing us save and reinvest valuable resources by reducing attrition. To guarantee innovation and accessions of the right talent, we must align talented accessions leaders and instructors to our generating force and incentivize them accordingly.

We organize our talent acquisition efforts around three objective areas: Marketing, Recruiting, and Onboarding.



Employ innovative new techniques to increase awareness of the breadth of Army service opportunities and to shape preferences, targeting efforts against specific talent pools in the American labor market where critical talent is most likely to reside.


Screen and select potential Soldiers and Civilians who actively respond to Army marketing efforts.


Vet new Soldiers and Civilians to maximize their productivity and establish the terms of their initial service with the Army.