Develop Talent

Lead Integrator: TRADOC

In collaboration with each Army professional, identify employment, education, and training opportunities which will extend their talents, close talent gaps, and maximize their contributions to the Total Army.  The Army must ensure it continually develops its Soldiers and Civilians, not only to place them in positions of greater responsibility, but also to ensure their fluency with emerging technology.  Furthermore, the Army must ensure it has systems in place to understand and appreciate the talents of Soldiers and Civilians.  This enables the Army to not only maximize an individual’s talents, but also to target his or her development as needed.

We organize our talent development efforts around three objective areas: Educate, Train, and Credential.



Revise the current system of progressive, continuous, and deliberate professional military and civilian education, to include advanced civil schooling. Incorporate a culture of talent assessments into our military and civilian educational and leader development efforts. Educate Army human resources professionals and senior leaders in the art and science of talent management.


Develop and implement new tools, methods, and processes to enhance individual talents for the benefit of the Army and the individual.  Invest in the development of Army leaders and supervisors who will provide purpose, motivation, and direction to meet our MDO-capable force objectives by 2035.


Increase the rigor associated with the training and education of Army professionals, aligning credentialing and certification more closely with demonstrated and measurable expertise rather than time in grade, service or position.