Retain Talent

Lead Integrator: ARMY G-1

Identify individuals with in-demand talents and engage them with an integrated mix of compensation and opportunities, to include migration across Army workforce segments (permeability).

We organize our talent retention efforts around three objective areas: Engage, Compensate, and Transition.



Authentic leader engagement is critical to developing cohesive teams and maximizes performance.  Counseling demonstrates the leader’s investment in the development of a subordinate. Ensure formal career counseling to each Army professional at key crossroads in his or her career.


To complement our shift to a 21st century talent management system, use new authorities to create appropriately tailored compensation packages that ensure Soldiers and Civilians are valued based on their responsibility, authority, and skills.


Encourage service across the Total Army and create permeability to move between components when it benefits the Army and the individual. Among those choosing to depart, transition them in a way that reinforces a powerful and enduring identity as lifelong members of the Army team, whether as civilian alumni of Army service or as “Soldiers for Life.”