Employ Talent

Lead Integrator: ARMY G-1

Maximize the engagement and contribution to readiness of Soldiers and Civilians by aligning their unique talents against organizational talent demands, to the benefit of the Army and individual.

We organize our talent employment efforts around three objective areas: Identify, Align (Assign), and Advance.



Leverage technology and comprehensive assessments to assess individual knowledge, skills, and behaviors to maximize human potential and output.


Provide Soldiers and Civilians with positions that unleash their passions and talents, maximizing performance and productivity in both the operating and generating forces. Create dynamic feedback mechanisms to measure the effectiveness of talent alignment efforts, identify Soldier and Civilian talent gaps, and refine Army developmental programs to close those gaps.


Create talent-focused individual career paths for every member of the Army team. Select Soldiers and Civilians for new or specialized work based upon their demonstrated and assessed talents, regardless of pay grade or time in service. Adjust their compensation accordingly.