Resources and Authorities

Lead Integrator: ASA (M&RA)

In coordination with appropriate HQDA officials and Army Commanders, identify the costs to improving all people programs, policies, and systems and link those investments to increased Army readiness. Consistent with existing policies and practices, seek funding for all people initiatives within the appropriate DOTMLPF-P areas, to include personnel science and technology (S&T) funding. Determine the return on investment for all people programs with the goal of maximizing effectiveness and discontinuing unsuccessful programs. Lastly, seek the rewrite of any laws and regulations as needed to support the objectives of this strategy.

We organize our Resources and Authorities efforts around three objective areas: Fund, Adjust, and Review.



Acquire additional long-term human capital investment to meet MDO-capable force requirements at the individual, team, unit, and Army command levels. Benchmark from the Army’s oversight approach to future materiel solutions and information technology systems such as IPPS-A. Just as we take a long view of combat system life-cycle investments, we must do the same with people life-cycle investments, which are increasingly technical and data-driven.


Seek changes to DoD regulations or statutes as needed to improve Soldier and Civilian talent management.


Revise all Army regulations and policies as needed to support this strategy.