The Army People Strategy covers fiscal years 2020 to 2028, and its desired outcomes will be realized by complementary military and civilian implementation plans. Each plan will: nest implementation objectives and tasks with this strategy’s Lines of Effort; identify lead organizations and high-level outcome metrics for each; incorporate appropriate experimentation and piloting of new innovations, and; analyze performance outcome metrics to support biennial implementation plan updates for ASA (M&RA) approval. Initial plans will focus on fiscal years 2020-2022 for funding and execution, and 2023-2028 for planning and budgeting. Near-term priorities (FY 2020-2022) are:

  1. Improve Quality of Life programs for both Soldiers and Civilians, beginning with these Army Senior Leader priorities: 1) Housing, 2) Healthcare, 3) Childcare, 4) Spouse Employment, and 5) Permanent Change of Station Moves. Supports CE 2 Quality of Life. 
  1. The Army Enterprise Marketing Office (AEMO) will transform all marketing communications, technologies, and operations, ensuring we attract the military and civilian talent needed to maintain the All-Volunteer Force (AVF). Supports LOE 1.a Market.
  1. Reform accession activities based on an end-to-end evaluation of Total Army accession and retention Develop and implement programs, policies, and systems to attract and align new Soldiers and Civilians with best-fit jobs across the Army. Reduce attrition throughout the enterprise.  Lastly, conduct AIE design, prototyping, and phased releases. Supports LOE 1.b. Recruit.
  1. Fully resource IPPS-A on schedule, bring the Assignment Interactive Module 2.0 to full operating capability for military personnel, and prepare for Defense Civilian Human Resource Management System (DCHRMS) deployment in FY20, leveraging its data capabilities to improve Army Civilian talent alignment. Supports LOE 3.b. Align.
  1. Research, design, and pilot a suite of talent assessments for Soldiers and Civilians for future scaling. Supports CE 1.c) Pilot and d) Scale.
  1. For Army Civilians, develop and implement programs, policies, and systems that leverage new authorities to reduce hiring time and improve talent acquisition. Supports LOE 1.c Onboard.
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