Quality of Life

Lead Integrator: AMC / IMCOM G-9

In coordination with appropriate HQDA officials and Army Commands, review the full range of Army care, support, and enrichment programs, with an initial focus upon: Housing; Healthcare; Childcare; Spouse Employment, and; Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves. Rapidly identify gaps and make improvements. Effective, efficient, and well-executed quality of life programs increase health and wellbeing. They reduce stress, absenteeism, disengagement, rework, and retraining expenses, driving down overall labor costs and increasing Total Army readiness. Exceptional Soldier and Civilian support programs also engender trust between the Army and its professionals, simultaneously improving talent acquisition and retention efforts. Given the demands made upon our military and civilian professionals, we owe them the best workforce support services possible. 

We organize our Quality of Life efforts around three objective areas: Care, Support, and Enrich.



Provide targeted Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) support to ensure the wellness of our military and civilian workforces. Focus on both work risks (i.e. occupational hazards) and individual risk factors (e.g. tobacco use, diet) to improve overall physical and mental resiliency. Program areas include but are not limited to: medical care facilities; medical insurance; health savings and flexible spending accounts; health and nutrition education; health risk assessments; social and environmental supports; workplace safety and related programs (such as ADA compliance), and; outdoor recreation, sports, and fitness resources.


Deliver an effective and carefully targeted mix of programs, services, and policies that increase diversity, equity, and inclusion, reduce barriers to long-term wellness, and increase emotional and financial well-being. Program areas include but are not limited to: labor relations and employer support; awards and recognition; legal services; relocation or transition services; housing; child and youth services; Army Community Services; spouse employment; life and disability insurances; thrift savings plans, and; blended retirement plan.


Deliver an effective and carefully targeted mix of recreational, cultural, and self-developmental resources that increase the quality of life for Army Soldiers, Civilians, and their families. Program areas include but are not limited to: cultural awareness events and celebrations; religious services and support; libraries and education centers; craft and automotive centers; entertainment, dining, and shopping facilities; and vacation and travel services. Identify individuals with in-demand talents and engage them with an integrated mix of compensation and opportunities.