The 2020 Army People Strategy

Managing Our Most Important Asset

The Army People Strategy is foundational to the readiness, modernization, and reform efforts described in the Army Strategy. With the right people, in the right place, at the right time, our Total Army will successfully deploy, fight, and win in multi-domain operations (MDO) and excel in support of the Joint Force. It is our People that provide us with an enduring advantage to remain the world’s most ready, lethal, and capable land combat force.

The Army People Strategy is a starting point. It provides the guidance, framework, and conceptual basis for follow-on military and civilian strategy implementation plans.  These plans, which will be time- and data-driven, will identify gaps, implement solutions to close those gaps, and measure improvements so that we can assess our progress and build upon it in thoughtful and effective ways. 

Introducing the
Army People Strategy


Our Four Strategic Outcomes



To prevail against all adversaries, we will identify, liberate, and rapidly align the talents of our people with the work we must do to defend the nation.

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To earn and retain the trust of the American people, we will be ethical, morally centered, highly expert, and certified practitioners of the land combat profession.

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To both honor our ideals and increase our effectiveness, we will aggressively pursue not just a diversity of people, but a diversity of talent.

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We will find new ways to harmonize the efforts of our Total Force: Active, Guard, and Reserve Soldiers, Civilians, and contract employees.

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A Message from the Army's Leadership Team

The Army People Strategy represents a commitment to innovation and thoughtful leadership in the realm of people management. It articulates what we want to do and why – to win – Winning Matters!  Army readiness, modernization, and reform efforts must be supported by a 21st century talent management system and essential quality of life enhancements, fundamentally improving the way we manage our center of gravity – people.

This strategy will do more than move us from the industrial to the Information Age.  It will help maintain and extend the Army’s overmatch capabilities. It guides us to a future in which our Soldiers and Civilians are powerfully bonded to one another in cohesive teams, enjoy a far greater range of professionally rewarding opportunities, are better supported and developed, collaborate both in person and virtually, and are proud members of the most satisfied and engaged large federal workforce in the nation.

Leaders always seek improvement, improvement requires change, and successful change requires each of us to contribute our talents to the effort.

Michael A. Grinston
Sergeant Major of the Army

James C. McConville
Chief of Staff

Ryan D. McCarthy
Secretary of the Army